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Hey, friend! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Modern World Club.

So, who is the face behind the Modern World Club?

I’m Rola Kamaleddine– a 20-something Canadian dreamer on that endless journey of passion and happiness, currently based in Toronto, Ontario.  I’m best known for my unruly hair– but most importantly– as a PR specialist, digital marketer and writer. 

My journey really started after moving to London, England in 2015, where I fell in love with the city and all the people in it, only to be forced out two years later after my visa expired. I lost everything– my incredible friends, my amazing job and the beautiful life I built. I’ve been skeptical of the way society has wired our brains ever since then.

Moving back to Canada was a shock even though I was born here. I suddenly had to do a job that I wasn’t passionate about and that I dreaded going to every morning. Worst of all, I had only 10 holiday days a YEAR to travel, unlike the in UK where I was getting 28. It is truly shocking that 10 days is considered acceptable by employers– it left me feeling trapped and hopeless.

Is there a way out? 

I started the Modern World Club because I knew that something wasn’t right about the way I was living. I knew that there had to be more to life… and there is.

This is a reminder to you and to me – Who you are today, is not who you’ll be tomorrow. What you feel today, is not what you’ll feel forever. 

What will you find on the Modern World Club?

Modern World Club is the home for Millennials and Gen Z’ers looking to escape the rat race and build a fulfilling, passionate lifestyle.

Stay to learn with like-minded people who want to achieve the freedom to live and create a career with purpose.

If you are a dreamchaser looking for a way out of the rat race…

If you are a believer in living a purposeful and FULFILLING life…

If you want to throw your mundane routine behind you and score your dream gig or start your own passion-led business…

You are in the right place, my friend! 

Here you’ll find real-life, actionable tips on how to achieve true freedom and live a fulfilling lifestyle that leaves you excited to wake up each morning.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients over the years boost their business through strategic digital marketing and public relations tactics– I’m now packaging up all that knowledge to help YOU build the life of you dreams. Stay for the tangible e-biz and blogging tips that i’ve discovered from 5 years in the industry, all available at your fingertips.

It’s time to invest in yourself, friend. It’s time to wake up each morning and LOVE what you do. It’s time to fall in love with your lifestyle. 

Ready to join the club?


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