The hardest part of pursuing your dreams? Getting started.

So, what’s the hardest part of pursuing your dreams?

Have you ever wondered how the inspirational and successful people you look up to got to where they are? It feels like they are destined for success. It feels like they are more talented than you.

In reality—no one had their wildest dreams fall into their lap regardless of how talented they are. Well, maybe a few people did but it’s more likely that your idol spent countless days and nights working towards manifesting their dreams.

If you’ve stared at a blank page for countless days, wondering if you’ll ever be able to make something out of it—don’t worry, you’re not alone.  The hardest part of pursuing your dreams is actually getting started.

The beginning is when uncertainty clouds our minds; we doubt our abilities and question if we can actually pull it off. Another factor may be embarrassment—in this digital age, we need to advertise our service or website to the judgemental eyes on social media. Will your friends or current employer see?

The questions are endless, but the answer is always the same: If you don’t pursue your dreams with conviction, nothing will change. So do the impossible and turn your mind off– give it a shot.

Unsure how to cope with the distraction? Here are a few top tips to get you by:

Identify role models that motivate you to buckle down and read/watch/listen to their content each morning

Have you ever been to an inspiration speech and leave feeling like you’re ready to conquer the world? The goal is to make yourself feel like that every day.

Identifying 2-3 Internet personalities doing your dream gig (ex. Digital nomads, digital marketing guru, consultant) and view their content each morning—whether that is listening to their podcast, reading a blog post or watching a motivational youtube video. Getting yourself in the mood to achieve greatness will have a positive impact on your productivity for the day.

Set achievable daily goals and block out a reasonable amount of time in your calendar to do it

Now that you’re motivated to get to work– what happens next? Setting daily achievable tasks and setting aside a time to do them will help you take tangible steps towards your goals. Checking things off your to-do list daily is a motivating and satisfying feeling, especially when results—no matter how small—start rolling in. I promise you will get more done this way than jumping right in and shooting darts in the dark. When you start to notice the little wins come in, you will realize that pursuing your dreams is truly possible.

Feed off the energy of other go-getters

Whether heading into Starbucks at peak time or hanging in a co-working space, there is something particularly motivating about surrounding yourself with other people getting things done. If you do find yourself in a co-working space, you will be sitting amongst some of the brightest millennial entrepreneurs and digital nomads– people who know exactly what it’s like to pursue dreams and tackle obstacles. Utilize that opportunity to make like-minded friends, ask for advice or simply talk to those around you and learn about their journey. You never know what could happen through conversation—you may learn a tip or two that will propel you forward or discover how to solve your biggest obstacle.

Have a clear vision of what you are trying to achieve

It’s easy to quit when you forget what you’re working towards. Sometimes the vision gets lost when doing the small tasks that feel mundane or when results aren’t coming in immediately. Remind yourself daily of the bigger picture and what the life you’re chasing looks like– why did you want it in the first place? An internal pep talk is sometimes all you need to feel motivated and gain clarity.

You’re never wrong in pursuing your dreams—the hardest part is simply getting started. Find motivation from wherever and from whomever, and salvage it as you teach yourself to push forward. One step at a time.

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